Monday, 18 June 2012

MORE subcultures you should know about

Everytime I think the world is weird, it manages to get weirder. However Asians always manage to make the weirdest shit look ok and almost appealing. So here are more subcultures conveying the meaning of life:


These girls are REALLY into tanning, the browner the better (and can you blame them?). The name literally translates to black face and most of them are so orange they make Jersey shore look pathetic in comparison.

2. Lolita
Not sure how many of them have actually read the book and understand that Lolita is about a pedophile and a rather oversexed child cause if they did I'm not sure they would have chosen to dress like this. These are literally the most conservative Asian kids I have ever seen. 

Then there is Gotholita. They are a little more hectic about life, but still way conservative. They even have a public holiday dedicated to them on the first Saturday of June AND December. WHY SO GOOD? 

And because all of the above is insufficient there is now GURO LOLITAS
These lolitas cover themselves with fake blood and plasters cause that's somehow relevant to them and/or Lolita. Who knows?

3. Elevator enthusiasts
This is a community of THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE (ya thousands) who share their love for elevators on-line with "like-minded people". They literally upload hundreds of photos and videos of either really good-looking lift doors or the inside of a lift and when they're feeling particularly crazy; themselves actually riding in the lift. These videos are almost as popular as Call Me Maybe.Seriously. 

4. Mexican pointy boots crews
The youth in Mexico is obviously bored. These ones are considered very average, the hardcore followers have curls up to their chests and enjoy "beddazzling" them. This is their special going out outfit.

5. Adult Babies
They take daddy issues to a whole new level. And this is for sexual role playing (vom).

6. Asian rockabilly
They're Asian, they're rockers and they obviously do it better than the white kids.

7. Survivalists
These guys are ready for the apocalypse every minute of everyday. They are regularly disappointed when the world continues to be fine but are apparently really looking forward to the end of 2012- they can finally prove to everyone (who'll be dead) that they were right. Well done guys.

8. Sea punks
Started off by two DJs as a joke, people caught on and became obsessed. They're into sea themed hair and clothing (totally cool) and punk (totally uncool).

9.  Bronies
These guys are obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic,which in itself is pretty great but the best part is that the usual member of this fandom is a twenty-something MALE. In fact it is preferred and more accepted if you are male, the females are rare and branded Pegasisters. They meet once a year at a convention and apparently this is the happiest convention in the world!

10. Beyonce's Baby is Evil
This madness started a week after this cutie was born and this idiotic community believes that the most beautiful human-being-to-be is evil because its name Ivy Blue is a reworking of the name; Eulb Yvi which is supposedly the name of Satan's daughter. Firstly Satan's daughter's got a really shit name. Secondly these people need to get better at life.

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