Wednesday, 29 February 2012



We've been cooking up a bit of mischief for you.We got together with one of Cape Town's most talented photographers Adam Kent Wiest (check out his tumblr: ) and bad bitches Chloe and Kyla to bring you LUV<3LAND - this fun street-style shoot featuring some CWB clothing which you will have the opportunity to buy at this weekend's sale.

- the bitches x

Models: Kyla Jade, Chloe Solomon, Daniel Solomon and Kanya Spani
Photographer: Adam Kent Wiest
Styling: Naama Tsalik and Isaline Goemaere

Monday, 27 February 2012

What's on tonight?

If you enjoy watching live music at The Waiting Room and having a nicely chilled Monday evening with some friends, then there is a great gig on tonight. Two quite rapidly growing CT bands- LA.VI and Beach Party- will be performing an acoustic set. Don't know who they are? Well then you are retarded.

LA.VI is a four-piece bluesy, earthy, souly band from Somerset West. They have a huge following of new-Bohemians and their gigs usually bring a really mellow vibe. The band recently released a sweet video of them playing in the quarry. It's really cool.

friendsofmine | LA.VI - Indian Sky from we-are-awesome on Vimeo.

 I have seen them a few times and spent most of the gig mesmerized by lead singer Chantel Van T. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with, an almost more-countrified Inge Beckmann. She commands the audience with her sultry voice and goddess-like dance movements. The whole band is pretty fucking cool though. Just look at them:

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Next up we have everyone's favourite surfpop/LOL band- Beach Party. These guys bring a fun energy and always fight each other for front stage which is very funny to watch. They have sweet melodies with a cool Rock 'n Roll kick. Plus they feature the gorgeous Danielle Hitchcock on bass, Cape Town's dream girl and one of our very own Bitches.

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Here is a fun video the put together for their single "Girls".

8:30 tonight, R30 at the door, be there!


Hello everyone!

It has been a while since we've been active on this blog, but things are going to change from here on out. We are revamping our blog and will be featuring loads more things on here every week, so follow our blog and like our page to stay updated!

We will be bringing you what we think is cool locally- designers, artists, events, cool people and cool styles, as well as some embarrassing photos and rants of us dumbass bitches. We promise to stay relevant and cheese-free :)

So, here's to 2012- The Year of the Crazy White Bitch!