Thursday, 17 July 2014

Yoh! Unsolved Mysteries: we're back as djs

After an extremely long hiatus which involved many things such as haircuts, releasing collections, getting degrees, having a life , getting jobs, travelling, and being somewhat busy overall, the CWB dj duo is BACK!

For one night only (unless anyone else wants to hire us, we would never say no to some cash flow)
We will be claiming our return at Yoh! this Saturday alongside some of the best acts in CT

Expect the usual lack of djing but crowd-pleasing song choice coupled with SO MUCH FUN and great dj-ACTING

Owing to the theme of this party we will be playing voice overs explaining some of the unsolved mysteries of our world

Batman shaped icebergs 

How George Bush got RE-ELECTED

The mystery of sexual reproduction (I know it's still a mystery to many)

Isa's secret creme brulee recipe


The mystery of Fani's hair

WE ARE ON AT 1am IN THE ANNEX (apparently it's the new main stage cause underground fame)

Friday, 4 July 2014

Living off the wall: Fani&Anees

Vans has been doing a series documenting the lives of young creatives in South Africa featured on We Are Awesome
For their fifth episode they chose the fashion (forward) couple who is Fani and Anees. Listen to them talk fashion, love, CWB, Young&Lazy, getting older and taking on responsibility and the joys of the studio.

Just watch the video and melt at how adorable they are.
Also enjoy Anees cracking at 00:22.

Thank god for the internet

I recently had to be home-bound for a week to try re-learn Matric Maths in under 7 days (huge mistake which I would not recommend anyone trying).
Anyway apart from getting really good at Candy Crush I also discovered some new favourite sites (thanks to Buzzfeed once again)

Here they are

1. Make silk art

2. Go to the thoughts room
This is strangely calming when you finally realise that you will fail whatever you're attempting and forever be a failure.

4. Find the invisible cow
Hugely annoying

Swipe across his face as many times as you want

6. Watch kitties bounce

And be grateful you live on Earth

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Our new favourite Justin

We've stumbled upon the tumblr of Justin Poulter, and it's all kinds of wonderful. He captures his travels, friends, adventures and city life and it's really cool. Find it here.