Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hey everyone!

Come join us for our Crazy Christmas sale at the Waiting Room on the 21st December, from 1pm-6pm! We will be selling even more amazing, one-of-a-kind pieces, including swimming costumes, dresses and rompers, crop-tops, short-shorts, hats and shoes, and lots more.

 We will also be introducing some men's wear- fun T-shirts and button-ups, retro board-shorts and others. There will be a new selection of sunglasses, bags and jewelery for both sexes.

Join us for a beer and come have a look at our affordable and beautiful clothing, whilst enjoying some beats courtesy of Young Supreme.

Our last sale was a hit, so don't be a loser and miss out on this one!

Below is a sneak-peak to our latest campaign, shot by the young and very talented Kent Andreasen. Check out his blog Burn House Burn for more. We used some of our favourite bitches from this year, and a big thank you to them!

 The Crazy White Bitches are going on a roadtrip to Durban to find you all some goodies, so keep an eye on our blog for daily updates of our finds and adventures