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Crazy White Bitches is the creation of two best friends, Isa and Fani, living in the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town, South Africa

Isa and Fani survived both high school and University together. Isa is the daughter of French AIDS activists and is studying Immunology and Infectious Diseases, as well as being a retired trapeze artist. Fani is the daughter of the man who found Rodriguez, and is studying Psychology whilst working on her fashion label Magic. Two very different girls brought together by their shared love of the internet, Justin Bieber, people who love fashion but don't take it seriously, the fucking crazy world, giant shoes and self-deprecating humour. Crazy White Bitches is their platform to express all of their weird and wonderful obsessions.

Isa and Fani are driven by their love for pushing the boundaries and re-inventing the nostalgic, and their aim (besides always having a good time) is to encourage their rather conservative but evolving city to up their game and push themselves harder. Attempting to provide a platform for others to express their style and art more confidently, Crazy White Bitches aims to showcase the incredible work coming out of this country, by people who are perhaps overlooked or misunderstood.

Crazy White Bitches is more than just a blog though. Isa and Fani have produced lookbooks, thrown parties, run photo-booths at big events, dabbled in DJing and also sell clothing. The girls regularly road trip around South Africa hand-picking beautiful secondhand and vintage pieces, which can be found at Deerhunter in Salt River. 

  In between all the craziness of their lives, these bitches are working hard to bring you more content, more collaboration, more work and a Crazy White Bitches clothing label, designed and produced by the girls.
Show us your love and we'll show you the world.

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