Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Girls of Summer- Gaschette Magazine

Fani was recently shot by the amazing Bettina du Toit and got very sensual on a beach with some babes for the ninth issue of Gaschette magazine- Sea Sex Summer
It's official, she is the hottest girl in the world. 

Photography: Bettina du Toit
Styling: Ilze Geustyn & Young Fanisun
Models: Bee Beadsworth, Kiana Neethling & Young Fanisun

Monday, 27 January 2014

Bitches' holiday (via Instagram)

So it is officially 2014; the year of Beyonce dominating the world, Putin still being incapable of ageing, China having the largest number of active robots, scientists underestimating climate change and now threatening the apocalypse by 2100, Kesha staying sober and Kimye getting married but really most importantly 2014 is the year of Instagram. 
Everyone is addicted. 
It's ok though. To attempt to remain trendy here is a short blogpost on our holidays (and why we have been so quiet) using only Instagram pics. 

Alot of road tripping was done and falling in love with South Africa everywhere. 
I recommend everyone get a tent and go camping, it is life changing. 

Went full tourist and safaried in Addo Elephant Park. This was the day of a heat wave and temperatures above 40'C so did a naked safari.

The temperature made me crack quite obviously/constantly tipsy.

Imprinted on these babies

I refuse to let anyone know where this is but it is in South Africa and it's INCREDIBLE. 
Fani should have been in that photo but she had fallen down the dune already.

Fani also got SEXUAL and SENSUAL and SHITTING HOT for a shoot in Gaschette magazine which once again makes it incredibly hard for me to remain heterosexual


Twisps are the new cigarettes of 2014 because lung cancer just isn't hot.

Fani also learnt how to sand board (very gracefully)

My two favourite people celebrated their one year anniversary. Everyone is invited to the wedding.

The pressure of being in Port Elizabeth and seeing Fanees' true love made me crack and I married a girl. It was a small, quiet ceremony but our love continues to prosper

WE ARE OBSESSED WITH ANNE HIRSCH! She better read this!! Fani has cracked her and gets hugs in bars but I stand awkwardly attempting to touch her and its time she knows how I really feel. CHOOSE ME ANNE, LOVE ME ANNE! 

Got lied to and went to a tropical roast party being told everyone would be dressed up. NO-ONE WAS. so spent the day looking like a wanker dancing to deep house (was actually bloody brilliant)

My wife is the new face of Young 'n Lazy ski gear

We honeymooned at Vic Falls, so romantic like that.

Cally tried to educate us with some very educational movies

But no-one could explain to us why you have to WALK the drive-throughs in PE. 
(I love that city)

And just my wife being Kajual in nature

Hope everyone gets healthy, stays off crack, loves one another and Obama has a better year.

Also this is the year we take our Djing career INTERNATIONAL.