Monday, 31 December 2012


It was bound to happen but still shocked us a little (i.e cried hysterically for about ten minutes). 
I woke up to this (thanks Jana):

And quickly went on every tabloid magazine to read the full story. Which turns out to be ridiculously emotional (for me). 
Apparently Kanye stopped midsong at his concert last night and asked the music to be turned off so the crowd could make some noise for his "babymama" who happened to be in the crowd at the time. He might have also serenaded her "Now you having my baby".

Even though this breaks my heart a little totally looking forward to seeing Kim super pregnant and the looks of that baby when it grows up. Sadly it will never be legal to crush on it.  

Kris can't resist trying to be extra relevant. COOL MOM!


Sunday, 30 December 2012

P is for Pizza

I'm hungry and craving pizza. Due to end of month poverty I have tried to satisfy my cravings with images from the internet and came across illustrations by Kiomiaki Yaegashi. 
These fully satisfied me (cats, pizza and half naked girls are all one really needs)

For more genius illustrations check out

Monday, 17 December 2012


Saturday night was the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) which happened at the stadium and IT WAS HEAVEN!! I wish every night was the gay festival of the year! Everyone looked amazing, everyone was in (or on) ecstasy and the whole place was decorated to perfection.

Due to only deciding to attend last minute, our costumes were pretty average compared to some people at the party, but wearing a mermaid leotard (with lighting bolts on the crotch) still made me deliriously happy. Fani also learnt the joys of photobooth on this night and has now littered my computer with hideous photos of herself..

Here are some photos. More to follow I'm sure.

Tyler peeing.

Tyler attempting to pose like the guys below.

Nash was Puck. or some other obscure indie band reference no-one got.

Fani discovering what was going to entertain her for the next few hours.

This is why I will join a gym at 30. And stop smoking/eating/breathing.

Also this is quite relevant

Friday, 14 December 2012

Anouk Hagemeier byJolijn Snijders

I don't know if it is an extreme hangover, exhaustion or the fact that I'm becoming a lesbian but I have been staring at these photos for a couple of hours now. And they're making me feel better. Maybe it's just that they're actually good, and she is beyond beautiful.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Drums in South Africa

One of our all time favourite bands recently came down to South Africa as the last band for the Adidas Originals tours and we got to watch their absolutely mind blowing performance! This was one of the best live performances I have ever watched, the sound was perfect and the band gave the crowd what they wanted playing almost everything they have ever released. It took me about a month to come out of the post-show depression I was in after they left, and still find it hard to listen to their music now. But it was well worth it. 

Here is a short video We-Are-Awesome did of their tour. Fani and I feature, me in my usual awkward, embarrassing (might be crying) way and Fani looking cute as fuck as a sea punk. 

Filmed by Adriaan Louw and Chris Saunders
Edited by Deon Van Zyl

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Although the name of this party/post could be rather confusing, Wrestlemania is not about this

but rather about this

(Sadly Gateway Drugs and Jacobsnake could not make the photo so you will have to come to the event to see what they actually look like)

There has been much confusion as to whether there would be ACTUAL wrestling going down due to this amazing party happening at LIQUID which everyone obviously assumes to be an underground fighting ring. This party will most probably rather lack in the fighting but not in the RAVE (channeling cool mom)

This will be Nicolaas Van Reenen's first performance as a solo and hot-in-the-face artist after releasing his much anticipated and much appreciated debut album Wrestlemania (where all the confusion ends). He will be playing this "plus lots of other shit" so be prepared.

As well as that hunk, Gateway Drugs will be performing. They only came out with their first ep a couple of days ago but check out their already growing fan base

They also love their fans

We are expecting a Bieber mania phenomenon with these guys and soon we will queue for tickets and have THIS sort of reaction when being denied by them. Seriously, they're worth it. 

As well as this there will be DJing by
OX + +

Fear not although each of these DJs belong to bands/collaboratives there are no heart wrenching break ups in the future just good summer vibes of everybody vibing some solo.

For all the deets of the party and why you HAVE to go click HERE

Thank you to Matt and Aaron for giving us something to be excited about!!