Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Fashion Movie Project

This Monday we attended The Fashion Movie Project at the Waiting Room hosted by between 10and5, the Elizabeth Galloway Academy of Fashion Design and Frankly my Deary which showcased some fashion movies made by local photographers and using students from the academy to style the film. Each photographer created a completely different feel and the movies were all unique and beautiful/entertaining in their own way. Obviously the 2BOP film made by Max Mogale won because they are the kings and their concept was hilarious! The night then obviously turned into a party where one too many shots of caramel vodka were had and the rest is blurry.

This is a film made by Paul Ward's new collaboration ONS of the party we had this year

To see all of the videos showcased click here

Monday, 26 November 2012


Chasseur Magazine has released their second issue dedicated to the bad boys and once again it does not disappoint. We are particurlarly happy as some of our very own clothing was featured in the shoot "Toying with the idea" shot by our favourite Cape-town based photographer, Caroline Mackintosh and styled by one of our lovers Mavuso Mbutuma. 


To check out the rest of this issue click here.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Kate Moss Book

Finally a book has been released of the ultimate supermodel Kate Moss.
And since I saw Abbey Lee Kershaw at After Hours (YES IN ASSEMBLY) last night I'm kind of just hoping Kate will be next. So I can embarrass myself in front of her by declaring my undying love.
She is perfection, and somehow has only gotten better.


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Beauty and a Beach

Two of our local drop-dead gorgeous girls got together and made this simple but beautiful shoot. Chiara A.K.A Chi-Chi needs no introduction, you've definitely seen this McDonalds-obsessed, Blue-haired, Diary of Ward groupie before. Gabriella Achadinha A.K.A Pocahontas is a hard-working film and photography wizard who is always running around Cape Town turning heads and causing quite a few accidents I'm sure. Okay, I think I've made my point regarding how hot these two are. Now look at this shoot and try not to drool on your laptop.

Photographs: Gabriella Achadinha
Model: Chiara Paton
MUA: Toni Olver
Styling: Georgina Ann Vardy

For more of Gabi's work, including many more beautiful and under-exposed faces of Cape Town, click here.