Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Yes we are not in America and yes we have enough of our own politics to talk about/debate/delete facebook friends over, but this win is not just for the American people, it's for everyone. The coolest president since Madiba, Obama is the fucking best and we feel elated at his re-election! He loves the Gays! He loves errbody! He even loves Leslie Knope! We love Barry Obama like he was our own!

Bey is mad for Obama- she even joined Instragram just to post this fierce selfie!

He fucks with Kate De Jong!

He's deep like that..

Lena Dunham's first time was with Barry O.

To Obama, Love Beyonce

To Beyonce, Love Obama

Pretty much his standard vibe at work

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it, He makes me blush!

I also thought this video was definitely in order:


And in other amazing news coming from the USA, Washington and Colorado (pretty shwing states) have voted to legalize recreational Marijuana usage! Amazing! This may be the start of good things for all the weed-lovers out there (all the millions of y'all, mad love). For all the best info on the subject of getting high, head over to my favourite facebook page Below The Lion. These guys are on top of that shit! And funny!

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