Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Us Crazy Whites love us some hip-hop. The only real hip hop party that won't have you standing in a dark corner all night, get ready to get down!! YOUNG SUPREME this Saturday at Hectic on Hope. R20. Free pool. Drink specials all night. Live visuals and some very sexy DJ's. You best protect ya neck!


Saturday, 27 August 2011

Sale Number 2

We are having our second sale on the 10th of September, at The President offices in Spin Street.
 There are going to be cool bands and DJ's and Booze on sale. Check out the Facebook event

Featured in...

We were lucky enough to get some lovely attention for our first sale.
Below are the links to the various blogs that featured our shoot and details of the sale we had:



 Delusional Distractions

Plastic Mermaid

Number 1

Here are some of our favourite shots from the first CWB shoot.
For the rest of the album, head on over to Diary of Ward.

Photos: Paul Ward
Styling: Fani Segerman and Na'ama Tsalik
Models: Kyla Phil, Ora Mashazi, Jana Terblanche, Matt Hichens
All Clothing: Crazy White Bitches


Hey ya'll!

Welcome to the world of the Crazy White Bitch. If you are a male/female, of any age and race, who likes clothes but doesn't like paying a lot for them, who wants to not look like everyone else, and who wants to be exposed to a lot of cool, new things, then this is the place for you.

Us bitches have a huge collection of clothing, shoes and accessories that is constantly updated. We have mostly second-hand pieces, and that means that they are one-offs that we have searched high and low for. Our stuff is priced stupidly low, and our sales usually end  in parties. Keep an eye on this blog for all the news and important information.

Love the Blogging Bitches