Monday, 17 December 2012


Saturday night was the Mother City Queer Project (MCQP) which happened at the stadium and IT WAS HEAVEN!! I wish every night was the gay festival of the year! Everyone looked amazing, everyone was in (or on) ecstasy and the whole place was decorated to perfection.

Due to only deciding to attend last minute, our costumes were pretty average compared to some people at the party, but wearing a mermaid leotard (with lighting bolts on the crotch) still made me deliriously happy. Fani also learnt the joys of photobooth on this night and has now littered my computer with hideous photos of herself..

Here are some photos. More to follow I'm sure.

Tyler peeing.

Tyler attempting to pose like the guys below.

Nash was Puck. or some other obscure indie band reference no-one got.

Fani discovering what was going to entertain her for the next few hours.

This is why I will join a gym at 30. And stop smoking/eating/breathing.

Also this is quite relevant

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