Monday, 31 December 2012


It was bound to happen but still shocked us a little (i.e cried hysterically for about ten minutes). 
I woke up to this (thanks Jana):

And quickly went on every tabloid magazine to read the full story. Which turns out to be ridiculously emotional (for me). 
Apparently Kanye stopped midsong at his concert last night and asked the music to be turned off so the crowd could make some noise for his "babymama" who happened to be in the crowd at the time. He might have also serenaded her "Now you having my baby".

Even though this breaks my heart a little totally looking forward to seeing Kim super pregnant and the looks of that baby when it grows up. Sadly it will never be legal to crush on it.  

Kris can't resist trying to be extra relevant. COOL MOM!


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