Friday, 6 July 2012


True Romance is one of those extremely underrated movies. Not only is it aesthetically insanely pleasing, due to Patricia Arquette being a babe and the styling being right on point (you can NEVER have too many Hawaain shirts). It is also Quentin Tarantino's first script. So if you like him you should watch the movie just so you know.

These images should convince you to watch this film and do it TONIGHT. Cause tomorrow night After Hours is throwing a party themed to this movie (to check out what I'm talking about click here).

Most of you will probably have attended an After Hours before and will know how crazy these parties get- they are the equivalent of a high school social but instead of sober teenagers you have VERY drunk, sex-crazed adults and a whole lot of acid in the air-vents (this is just a rumour).

Tomorrow night promises to be BIGGER AND BETTER. We heard of a kissing booth, the usual feathers, free shots, love ballads that will make even the cynics fall in love, balloons and streamers and of course the sweet DJ-ing of both Sexual Tension and Battle Beyond the Stars. So come get down, wear a prom dress and get FUCKING ROMANCED!

Here's what the night has in store for you:

Outfit ideas:

And I would advise leaving your phone at home

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