Thursday, 27 September 2012

Come party with...KANYE WEST

Kanye West is the absolute best, there is no debating that.
Everything that Kanye West is:

1. Fashion

2. Hip-hop legend

3. Ladies' man

4. Best friends with Aziz (possibly Aziz's greatest achievement)

5. the ONLY human being who could ever have made shutter shades cool. like EVER

Overall he is just the greatest motherfucker around

And to celebrate Kanye in all his greatness Come Party With has decided to throw a party in his honour where you will get to hear all of his bangers ALL NIGHT LONG.

Your (well picked) DJs include

Rafi: jew by day and DJ by night

Matt: charmer and entepreneur

Daniel: party thrower and possibly greatest boyfriend ever

As well as a surprise guest....

Which will either blow your mind or make you cringe your life away. But either way everyone is going to be talking about it for awhile so you should probably see it.

R20 gets you in and we have heard rumours of gold walls, free chains, banging bitches and CHEAP CHEAP DRINKS!

To check out the event click here


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