Thursday, 24 April 2014

Violating Worcester

So on Human Rights Day this year Caroline Mackintosh and myself decided to venture out of our comfort zones and go hang out in the wild west of Worcester. I got dressed up outrageously and we drove around the small town engaging with all it had to offer. We joined a church group of ladies marching against women abuse and rape and they loved my crazy outfit and asked to take photos with me.

After hanging around and chatting with them we moved onto the public pools. As it was a public holiday there were only a few kids at the pool and we played with them in the sun before moving onto a deserted field and violating a pole and a tree a bit.

We then moved onto the market where I seduced the market ladies' children and got it on with their lawns and a cement mixer.

We ended the day having sexual relations with both a plant and an old man's dirty swan.

All in all a fun experience and definitely a place to visit! Vice loved it so much they posted it here.

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