Friday, 9 May 2014

Oh! Dark Arrow - Godspeed

And so it has begun. The long awaited release of Oh! Dark Arrow's firt album; Godspeed. The bastard brainchild of Marc Potgieter (who also used to be in some other projects but who gives a fuck this one's better) as well as 15+ other members because the MORE THE MERRIER.

Expect some incredible things from this crew which I won't name cause that would take an hour. 
But here is a photo of Marc so you can recognise him in the club and fan girl.

And Push Push necause she's going to be huge and make the crew fuckable by being hot and having the velvety voice of a minx

Here is their first ever music video (conceptual yeah)

But more importantly go download their album HERE and have a crank about it.

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