Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cool people doing good!

It's really great to see how many people out there are putting time and effort into helping others out- be it children, animals or just anyone less fortunate than themselves. Especially when these people are creative and talented individuals and are offering you a way to help too, whilst having fun! There are a number of fun events coming up that are doing just this, as well as two special guys who are helping in a new kind of way.

The Birdsnake Tour - Trailer from Purple Productions on Vimeo

The Birdsnake Tour involved a group of German and South African skateboarders, traveling over 4000 kms through South Africa. Along the way, in between skating, they collected and handed out clothes, shoes and skateboards to kids living in the poorer areas between CT, Jozi and Durban. There is also a video! It will be premiered today at 6pm at Clarkes on Bree Street. The skaters will be there, plus there will be a mini ramp session. Should be cool! Check out the event on Facebook here- The Birdsnake Tour Video Premiere


Tomorrow night at Zula Bar in Long Street, there is a charity gig happening in support of Project Rhino. South Paw, We Set Sail and Fox Comet will be performing, alongside a special surprise guest. Entrance is R40 and all proceeds go to charity. This event is set up by Chicks for Change, a very cool project that you should check out here- ​chicks4change2012.wordpress​.com.
Check out the event on Facebook here- Rhino Revolution by Chicks4Change


Tomorrow night there is another charity gig happening at Mercury Live. It is the annual fundraiser gig for the SHAWCO Little Moon literacy project. This project is based at Walter Teka Primary School in Nyanga, and the aim of the project is to foster a love of reading and writing through storytelling, drama, songs and games. The line-up for this gig is amazing! Jon Shaban, Rosemary Town Send, LA.VI and Toby TwoShoes. The gig starts at 9pm and is only R20 before 10pm, and a meager R30 afterwards. Looks set to be a great gig. Check out the facebook event here- Kudaladala 2: Fundraiser Gig


PATRICK JARCKAWAY from Vangers & Jollers on Vimeo.

Lastly we have a very special video to show you. Cape Town creatives Chris Auret and Paul Ward, under the collaboration of Vangers & Jollers, have taken the time out to make a really awesome video for an artist called Patrick Jarckaw. This man is from the Congo and he works as a car guard off Kloofnek in the CBD. he is a rapper, musician and a charming soul, but has little opportunities to make connections in the industry, for obvious reasons. Please spread this video around and lets get this man a microphone!

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