Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Two Door Cinema Club (who are they again?)

Two Door cinema club is one of those thousands of bands that came out of the indie rock explosion of the mid-2000's. so if you don't know them, it's ok. However it seems that South Africa has a crazy fan base for bands that are considered average everywhere else, so the 5 gum sponsored event of Saturday night had them headlining. The band was as expected, seeming really grateful for the response they got from the crowd. In a typical one-hit-wonder-band stunt they left their BIG song-"What you know"-for the end of their set, which got everyone overly excited for finally recognising a song.


However, regardless of the music, this party was INCREDIBLE thanks to 5 gum going out of their way to find the most AMAZING venue in Cape town and throw the best party we have been to all year!
Cars were left at the airport and shuttles of (Pep double-decker!!) busses transported everyone through Nyanga to a derelict building lost somewhere. The sound quality , the feel of being within a broken down industrial space covered in amazing projections and some seriously cool light installations made everything perfect...except for the music. This would have been amazing for a 90's revival rave party, and the organisers seemed to realise that as they played all rave hits before bringing on TDCC. Who, it must be mentioned, sounded alot better live than expected (thanks to the amazing sound).

So let's just hope 5 gum blows up huge in SA so we can have more cool, FREE parties like this with something different everytime!

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