Thursday, 23 August 2012


Science ruined my life today. Six hours of recording people's brain activity,which you would expect to be cool but actually just looks like this

will take away your will to live.
 So today was the worst. All I can say is thank God for Buzzfeed. and crack. 

Casual room decorations

So grateful for feminine advice

The closing ceremony of the Olympics was a VERY confusing time for me. And may have caused this identity crisis.

Posh is officially the BEST! As Ane said " love her casual approach". 

This is possibly the most confusing event of the last 50 years 

"Mantihose" so your man can keep warm during the Winter months

To avoid theft. This is a best-seller. seriously.

This actually got invited and advertised. A cage for your baby so you can casually hang him outside the window. He should love this. 

Main symptom of identity crisis: rolling in the deep. Can't get away from Adele. ever.

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