Friday, 19 April 2013

Shades of Kwaai: Umlilo's EP Launch

So The Kooks are performing in Cape Town this week-end OMG.

LOL who gives a shit?!
 If there is one musical event you should all be attending this week-end its this:

In case you don't who Umlilo is or what he sounds like then educate yourself NOW

Feel free to download it  cause ya IT'S FREE!!

This event promises to be of the best entertainment, apart from Umlilo's performance expect some good music, "XOsisters" are back which is always a pleasure. 
The most romantic bromance in town WTVR, as well as the Brinkmann brothers and some Blue Ivy (featuring the best bitch Jodi).

As well as this there will be PERFORMANCE ART!!! With some of the best looking boys in town and of course Jana Babez <3

You'll get to see these pretty people

And all of this organised by the love of our lives and most beautiful man (yes we are being shameless)

For ALL the info click here

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