Tuesday, 23 October 2012

After Hours (let's get naked)

After Hours is one of those rare Cape Town parties which happens pretty regularly (once a month), but where everyone systematically goes crazy and parties till the end of the night begging for more when it ends. I don't know if this is due to the music being good, the acid/poppers in the aircon, those ridiculous pink drinks or the themes bringing out everyone's nostalgia. Either way it is thrown by two of Cape Town's greatest guys (Tyler and Ian) and Phil Kramer (who although pedophile like and hater of all things good, has a way of making you fond of him). 

After Hours School Daze happened this Saturday and everyone (me included) seemed to find it hard to keep their clothes on. Enjoy the sexually charged photos.

Nina was hot (rad)

Possibly the most sexual (tension) photo of the lot

It must be known that Fabi would NEVER do this on any other night. 

Girls got topless

Boys got topless

Phil got topless

I attempted to go skirt-less (but had foreseen this happening and once again grateful to myself for wearing shorts)

Tyler compulsively DJ-d

Taliah was every pedophile's dream

I got left out of the hot school shot

Nic felt a little intense

And these guys will probably be back.

If you havent been to an After Hours, you should probably come.
Find out everything here
And follow them of the Twitter here

I don't advise their radio show to the sensitive, feminists, sexually non-frustrated, over 30, under 16, pet lovers, religious, or actually any able hearing person. 

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