Friday, 11 January 2013

Beyonce Babes

There is at least one moment each day when I wish I was Beyonce. 
She is perfection. She has the body, mind, power, moves, hair, looks, husband, voice, self control, humility and now baby. Seriously is there anything she is not good at? Apart from the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous she is also really kind and compassionate (apparently) and judging be her tumblr, everyday of her life is filled with love and happiness and looking ridiculously good looking. Beyonce is an inspiration, one which is fuelled with a little jealousy but inspiration nonetheless. 

And now she's managed to do one of the sexiest GQ shoots while being adorable at the same time and she's a mom and seriously can she stop now and and and and and  

The babe is entitled to some serious self indulgence. 

Also if you want to hate your life a little (or get inspired to get better at it) then just follow this

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