Tuesday, 19 February 2013

If you've had a bad day

If your day was shit thank god for the internet (and obvs Buzzfeed). This is my own personal retardation and the world's.

I was in fact herding Pink Flamingos but gave up on Farmville. Nicci please stop sending me requests
This happened while I was trying to find connection to Kanye so I could go to his concert in Joburg

This is why I love twitter and this beautiful couple

And Fani will forever be the angriest person on Facebook who receives the most likes for hate.

I constantly get pregancy ads. REALLY KEEN FOR ANTENATAL WEEK END FOR 2!! Anyone?

Now the world's retardation.

and shit that makes me happy

And then when you've had the worst day GOOGLE REMINDS YOU THAT THERE IS HOPE (or no hope actually)

I personally think the Jessica Biel one is more relevant

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