Monday, 25 February 2013

CWB stock at Deerhunter

Us Crazy White Bitches are crazy busy this year, what with full time jobs, degrees and midlife crisis. However we still have an incredible amount of MAD stock to sell to you guys and so have decided to start stocking at Deer Hunter. This adorable little shop is situated on Albert Road in Woodstock (literally next door to the Old Biscuit Mill) and is the shopping haven you have always dreamt of. Whether you're into vinyls, furniture, books, action figures or fashion; THEY STOCK IT ALL!!
Thankfully everything is neatly arranged so there's none of that chaotic scratching through piles to find that perfect piece. And in case shopping exhausts you there is loads of chill space to have tea and cake. 

Waste no time, HEAD DOWN THERE NOW!!!
Here are some pics to entice you....

Here are some sneak peaks of what we will be selling xxx

Follow their blog here

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