Monday, 4 March 2013


Wow, we've finally made it to the pinnacle of our blogging relevance- we made it onto a S.Y.N.W. poster!!
I'm sure you guys remember this:

Now we have some of our very own, to frame and put up in our parents' houses! (Ie. our houses, yes we still live at home...) S.Y.N.W. are throwing a party in our honour, seeing as Fani is such a party monster and Isa is such a DJ enthusiast. We will playing for an ENTIRE hour, in the Annex's MAIN STAGE. Ultimate fame!! We will not be playing "Hip Hop" by Dead Prez and rapping every word so you guys can know how much we love Hip Hop Lol! We will not just be playing obscure Pitchfork hits mixed like a beast brah! cuz we're so "Cape Town DJ" like that. We will be playing fun songs to dance/scream along to. Come check it out! CARAMEL VODKA LOL!!!

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