Thursday, 16 May 2013


Needless to say we all have a past and in most people's cases it's not something to be too proud of. 
We thought we'd show you ours, as you will see there's been many phases and not all of them good.
We hope that with time we have grown a little wiser, a little more fashionable and slightly better at life but definitely not any older. 

This is the first of a monthly 
The many "times" of Isa&Fani

The time we went to Earthdance and wore terrible glasses (well I did)

then got really high on shrooms and Fani actually tried to strangle me in the tent for 3 hours 

the time we were both kind of dating Fani's brother Rafi and I hadn't learned how to smile in photos yet

the time we got high, became autistic and could only hang with each other on an island

and then Fani forgot how to walk

the time Fani unsuccesfully tried to get with my chest

the time we were both really excited about a really unexciting night

the time we turned into really gross stoner dykes

the time I don't even know what we were thinking (outfit and faces)

the time we attempted to be artists then realised self-branding is more the vibe

The time we were the See You Next Wednesday girls in Unknown Union (i.e our lives)

the time I took Mavuso to my matric dance and Fani wouldn't leave hoping for a last minute invite

the time we got our tits out for Caroline and came out to the world

the time we were hoping to go to Avastar in Joburg and Fani had just learned the joys of mobile uploads

the time we got frisky in the pool 

the time we attempted to laugh into each other's mouths and I went full retard

the time we completed our union by adopting a dog

the time we were still at school and I dressed like a man while Fani had a bowl cut

the time we were alcoholics at Neighbourhood with Jane for about 6 months of our lives (not living our best)

the time we died our hair for Fani's birthday and they decided to put a streak in mine which immediately made me resemble a raccoon

the time we found our dream shop

the time Fani tried to get sexually inappropriate with me at a trance party

but we sorted things out

the time we were wrestling in the club 

the time we did NOT manage to be sexy as the See You Next Wednesday girls

the time we all went to NY on photobooth

the (only) time I tried to get with Fani

the time we looked adorable

the time we looked fucking hot

the time we pretended to be DJs for a night

and got really good at faking it

The time we thought we were cool with our disposable cameras 

the time I birthed Fani out my vagina

and my ass

then attempted to teach new born Fani how to walk (as you can see NOT easy)

The time we started a moshpit at Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and then rolled on the floor 


And the time I looked at our friendship history and cried

Next week: Fani and Isa in High School

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  1. this is hilarious and adorable. you guys are like the coolest duo since kenan and kel!