Friday, 3 May 2013

Travel A.K.A. "What I'm Wearing"

Us Crazy White Bitches have been travelling all around the city, to Kloof street and back like 2-3 times a day!! WE SUCH TRAVELLY GALS. Anyway, based on our vast and very current experience, we have put together two looks for you loyal fashion blogging reading peeps!!

Here is Isa wearing some fake ass clothing. Jeez Isa! She's wearing a cool denim jacket, with some old Woolies pyjama pants, some sort of a spencer vibe (old-looking) and a Bieber cap from Pick'nPay. Cool!

Here is Fani looking creepy as always, wearing an old polka dot dress (yawn), with some black stockings (too lazy to shave lol), a cut-off red jacket from Phil Kramer's flat, and also her Bieber hat. Matching!

Well, we're about to go out and about and enjoy our lives. Here's a little ode to The Queen- Miss Amanda Bynes!!

In the words of Nicci "Last Hipster Standing" Bruce: "DEVILOUSH!"

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