Saturday, 18 May 2013


Seeing as it's 2013 I've decided blogposts are the new birthday cards. Fuck privacy, I want the world to know how I feel about this girl! Isa is one half of Crazy White Bitches and one half of ME. We've been Best Friends (and lovers) for TEN YEARS. I know this makes everyone jealous to hear because everyone who knows Isa is OBSESSED  with her. I basically share a best friend with half of Cape Town, but I don't mind because she is the fucking QUEEN (on the trampoline, eating jellybeans, Shizaline) (Yes this post is laced with personal jokes, it's still a birthday card guys, jeez). Okay so here are some photos of Isa looking beautiful, which also proves to this bitch that there are many half-decent photos of her on the internet despite Paul Ward's penchant for posting the weirdest photos of Isa and her life (fucking Paul Ward!!) (<3)

I mean come on, how does a bitch get any badder?

Here are some photos of Isa looking cute as fuck, cuz lets face it- she has THE CUTEST MUIS FACE!

(Isa is really good at handling awkward situations)

(Her secret musician side coming out)

(Barry ruining every photo- standard)

(My One Less Lonely Girl)

(circa 2004)

On the other hand, Isa has the most banging body and is one ferocious sex-cat! Here are some pictures of her looking hot and terrifying!

(Her rebellious high school phase)

(Casually looking cute with Abbey Lee Kershaw)

(This is how Isa feels most days...Look, no-one said a career in Scientifical Genetics or whatever would be easy)

(Just helping Roy clean that sushi out of his teeth...)

(Isa loves Fani)


(This is how Isa appears to the rest of the world)

Basically, everyone knows that Isa is French, loves dolphins, was a trapeze artist in the circus, and that her parents are AIDS doctors that are literally saving the world. But Isa also has a huge heart and is going to be a fantastic mother

and Wife

and Human Being forever.

 I clearly love you, and I'm clearly too stoned to continue with this post. So basically, Happy Birthday Isa, I adore you now and I always will. 

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