Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Meet The Sartists

Str.Crd this year had some amazing stands/displays and exhibitors, but what caught everyone's eye and really got our blood racing with excitement were two young men who call themselves The Sartists.

Meet Kabelo Kungwane and Wanda Lephoto.

These two young gentleman from Johannesburg have an insane eye for dressing and an understanding of fashion way beyond their years or experiences. 

Kabelo (above) is a journalism student and one of the quietest, most humble people I've ever experienced.

Wanda (above) is a fashion student and everything he says, writes and puts forward is POWER.

Their references are strong and brilliant- taking inspiration from their elders. South African politicians, gangsters, mechanics, fathers and slaves are all fodder for their well-crafted and documented looks. 

They interpret the fashion of generations past in a new way, carried forward in their own style- taking things seriously but always with a touch of fun. Their shoots are detailed and conceptualised down to the last tape-measure in Wanda's suit pocket or "car grease" on Kabelo's forehead.

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