Thursday, 10 October 2013


It's been a pretty insane month for CWB. We released our first ever range at Street cred in Johannesburg which was a mind blowing experience. Apart from meeting all the most amazing people, falling in love with a million 16 year old boys and stalking some seriously well dressed bitches we also partied harder than both our old selves are used to. Meaning we had to be scraped off the floor by the end of the week-end but it was well worth it (especially after a 20 hour drive)
Here is a run down in pictures

The top right boys dressed as tennis stars stole my heart. Fani and Anees lived their best hot fashion power couple lives. I was possibly napping in a bathroom around this time.

Anees couldnt deal with the press

I cracked out with these sampie bitches Kaj and Caroline

and literally could not stop pulling this face

Like really couldn't stop

Fani was really hysterical (in a good way) the whole week-end

Caroline got used to being photographed (being a blonde goddess) and got progressively more sexual
Fani and I stood in our little stall for about 12 hours and had to massage each other back to life afterwards. We also dressed all in CWB and see how good the clothes look.

our stock totally looked amazing

Anees got style spotted AGAIN. Fame whore he is.

We ended the whole week-end with beers and chops in Soweto. 
Thank you to Joburg for showing us the best fucking time and making us realise it might be time to make the move soon. 

Because we came back and crashed hard from all the fun we all decided to pack our things up and go for a round 2 week-end together at Rocking the Daisies which as Kaj put it ended up being the biggest culture clash we have ever had. 

We got drunk and got through it
Fani representing Young and Lazy range 2013

Learning my better angles, ass first from now on.

These two continued to live their best lives

Finally we are home and ready to stay, but most importantly now that Joburg knows us (and we all know each very intimately) it's time for Cape Town to get to know us.


We are setting up shop in the Magic Studio in Rheede Street just above Mabu Vinyl over this week-end and selling both the Young and Lazy SS 13/14 and CWB SS 13/14.
 Come visit us HERE

Seriously COME and get all the info here

There is very limited stock, first come, first serve.

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