Thursday, 17 October 2013

Rihanna Cape Town Diamonds World Tour

Thanks to 4th street wines we got to not only see Rihanna and fall head over heels in love last night but also got to live the SWEEET life up in the VIP box where the liquor was flowing and Martin Magner couldn't stop dancing.

THANK YOU 4th Street Wine for the Goody Bag (Rihanna perfume so we can smell like her), all the Zelebs (South African Celebs) you gathered in the box and generally the best concert experience of our lives!
(Oh and shot for the free bottle of wine we had to down later on to cure the post-Riri depression).

There are very few words we can actually say about her performance/her. She was so incredibly beautiful and sexy at the same time. She barely tries to dance yet looks like sex and takes your breath away. She's ratchet and sweet. Her voice is amazing. Her style is perfection. She's honest. She's everything. We're obsessed.

Us pre-concert dying of excitement. Also don't be fooled by the sun, it was FREEZING.

Nosi and Fani cracking up in VIP

And then just Riri. I wanted to get some pictures showing her SA trip. But then got sucked into her instagram so here is pretty much her entire instagram over the last few months.
This woman is perfection. 

She makes an undercut worth it

Making farting into microphones look sexy

I'd kill to be that penguin.

Or this lion cub.

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