Thursday, 21 November 2013

All the obviously deep references in Kanye's Bound 2 video

Two days ago, Kanye West released his new video for Bound 2 starring baby mama Kim Kardashian topless on a bike and some absolutely ridiculous backgrounds. As expected everyone freaked out and tried to understand the "genius" behind the video. I'm just gonna say this: WE GET IT KANYE, YOU'RE HAVING A FUCKING LAUGH. I refuse to believe this was done seriously but if in fact it was, then Kanye actually gave us insight into his soul and referenced the things he holds closest to him.

So here are the many references you may have missed in his new video because ART.

1. Kanye is CLEARLY OBSESSED with Shakira. He literally recreated her coming out video "Whenever, wherever"

The opening scene of the video

Followed by Kanye casually riding his bike in a very fake mountainous area

Shakira OBVIOUSLY did the fake mountainous area first

And at least she had the decency to attempt to look sexy in front of them

This emotional scene of wild horses running randomly in Kanye's video where they never feature again

Shakira did it better, it makes sense to have horses running if your hips don't lie in the middle of them

2. Kanye sometimes watches Human Planet. He also feels like he could probably thrive better in those conditions than the tribes filmed in the show. In fact he has his own fucking eagle and it has never failed him.

Kanye's eagle

Human planet eagle episode. Kanye is actually the guy on the horse here but he likes to keep a low profile when he's training eagles.

3. Kanye kinda really enjoys Lord of the Rings. The shire looks live a vibe

The Shire

Another reference could also be the wall of horses coming at the dark riders

(referenced by this)
It's a long shot but shit who knows how deep Kanye can get?

4. Growing up, Flashdance was Kanye's favourite movie. He enjoys a woman who can dance and uses her sexuality to make it in life

"Topless" Kim on the bike. I personally find it a little strange the woman has no nipples but who knows? That's probably also art.


5. Werewolves really turn Kanye on. It's a bit weird but a man in full creative bloom mustn't deny himself any urges

6. He really misses early 2000 J-lo when she was doing her whole "Love don't cost a thing" thing

If I was Kim I'd be a bit pissed

7. Kanye was once really touched by the Twilight books (which he obviously read cause he's into art and reading), then the movies came out and Bella and Edward's love was just so awkward and beautiful

Love just hurts so much. IT'S SO UNCOMFORTABLE

This is a very obvious reference

He might have also watched Vampire Diaries once or twice and been like those shitty colours really work

I mean chances are Kanye is actually a vampire. that's why he's had years to learn how to be better than everyone else.

In future I really hope his love for Twilight makes him reference the following scenes

8. I have no idea how or when but Pantene ads really inspire Kanye to make music


Pantene should have copyrighted the whole riding bikes with wind in your hair and shitty yellow sunset shades in the background.

9. This woman was also a huge influence in Kanye's life

10. And finally this couple somewhere in Russia actually having sex on a bike inspired him. Although they show that it is in fact possible it seems very hard and very uncomfortable looking. BUT HOW LIBERAL

It's also just not that attractive to be honest

If you want to watch the actual video (although I'm sorry to say it it's quite weird AND boring)

Here it is:

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