Friday, 8 November 2013

Chelsea Blakemore- Beatenberg

Beatenberg is the most loveable band in Cape Town composed of Ross Dorkin, Matthew Field and Robin Brink. Today, we-are-awesome released the video for their new single Chelsea Blakemore and it does not disappoint. The song's been doing well already but this video should make it. It screams Kope/Figgins in the best possible way, making the boys look slick as fuck. 

Here are our favourite moments of the video

The initial awkward dance moves

Rob being sensual

Ross being distressed about mowing the lawn at night

There are



When the dancing gets less awkward and more crazy

When we get up close and personal with Matt's armpit (and mole) in the background

Whatever this is, it's great.

And the final act of LOVE.

Here is the actual video. You'll love it

Directed by: Kope/Figgins
Styling: Bee Diamondhead
Edited: Ben Johnson

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