Friday, 29 November 2013

Up and coming local designers

So apart from Anees Petersen of Young & Lazy which one half of us is dating and the other half is really fond of there are now some new Cape Town designers who made an impression at their grad shows.
 So because we're all about local, we thought we'd feature their pretty impressive work. 

First and foremost Nicholas Coutts, who since winning the Elle award is probs the most famous person in Cape Town, or at least Hudsons. 

Photographer: Ian Engelbrecht
Model: Veda, Boss Models

In case you didn't yet know his famous face

Renee Nicole Sander is another name to watch, she apparently also snatched up every award and her final collection was absolutely STUNNING.

Photographer: Kent Andreasen
Models: Ella Jayne Bailey &  Janke du Toit

She's also quite a babe herself, casually.

And finally one of our favourite boys in this town, firstly because he is probably the happiest and sweetest boy we know but also cause he's DAMN good.
Lukhanyo Mdingi can we get ourselves some of these please?!


We are so happy and proud to be a part of this city where there's SO much local talent. And it seems to only be getting better.
Can't wait to be able to pruchase some of these guys' items.


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