Thursday, 27 February 2014

Why Nikes are the best

So recently this whole blogging and being amazing thing paid off for us as JD Sports decided we might be worthy of becoming brand ambassadors (thanks guys). 
As a "welcome to the family"/"wear better shoes guys" initial gift they sent us some dope "kicks".

Along with her new haircut Fani has become a woman who loves all things pink so she got some adorable white, blue and pink Air Maxes, while Isa has recently joined the world of waitressing (it's temporary but bitches got to pay for their travels) and therefore opted for some black Nike Free Runs (cause it is literally like walking on a cloud). 

We decided to show the world why a)Nike is the best b)we are the best c)our liberalism is the best by expressing ourselves through the art of photography

Straight up boss bitches 

Here are all the activities that you can do while wearing FREE Nikes

You can be both indoor and outdoors at the same time

So comfortable you can sleep in them (with your lesbian lover). 
(So tired of being big spoon to this bitch)

But look how cute our feet look hey?

Nike free run, yes we running in the air. What is that? Exercise!! Bitches be fit, we be work, work, working on our calves. It is literally like running on air.

Got SO FIT I wanted to birth Nike

Got SO SEXUAL Fani wanted to get with Nike

Got SO BUFF kicked a man in the head

Got SO LIBERAL we inter-racial

Nike sees no colour, no sex, no judgement FREE NIKE RUN KISS LOVE ALL PEACE JOY.


Nike. Just do it. 

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