Monday, 18 June 2012

Azealia Banks

If you're going to talk bitches and you're going to talk crazy then the bitch to talk about is Azealia Banks. She's barely 21 (which totally doesn't make me feel like failure) and last year she bought out "212", which got rated in Pitchfork's top 10 songs of the year and has become my favourite track of the month. Kanye West is now one of her biggest fans but she doesn't really give a shit cause she's chilled like that, after all celebrities are just "normal people". Of her fame and sudden fortune: "I definitely have more money and shit, but it's all virutal stuff. I've been making music for awhile. And I've been able to read about myself on the Internet for awhile"

She may be one of the most blogged people in the world but virtual fame doesn't seem to affect her and this bitch is always right.

She's not only gorgeous with the best lips I have ever seen, but has some great style and is the foulest (and best) female mouth in rap music at the moment. Watch her this year.

Check out 0:34. Matthew Oldfield got me obsessed with their moves.

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