Saturday, 23 June 2012


Fabi, Jana, Fani and Isa put their minds (and amazing musical taste) together and came up with the best 20 songs EVER written. We were inspired by NME's list of the top 20 songs of all time, yet left feeling unimpressed. So here is our attempt. Ours is obviously better. Also you should go look at The Williams blog so you know what to do tonight.


1.       Talking Heads- This must be the place (naive melody)
2.       New Order-Temptation
3.       David Bowie- Heroes
4.       The Rolling Stones- You can’t always get what you want
5.       The Smiths- This charming man
6.       Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere
7.       Velvet Underground- Sweet Jane
8.       Notorious B.I.G- Juicy
9.       Brenda Fassie- Weekend Special
10.   2Pac- That’s just the way it is
11.   The Beatles- Let it be
12.   Kate Bush- Hounds of love
13.   Michael Jackson- Black or white
14.   Radiohead- Idioteque
15.   Elvis Presley- Blue moon
16.   Warren G and Lil John- Regulate
17.   Tribe Called Quest- Can I kick it?
18.   The Clash- Train in vain
19.   The Cure- Just like heaven
20.   The Knife- Heartbeats

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