Sunday, 3 June 2012

The sweet sound of Bateleur

Bateleur is one of the few Cape-Town based bands that are not only musically seriously talented and therefore REALLY good to watch live but are also imaginative in how they portray themselves and the music they create. They have been underground for awhile doing all their own things but are now back together and launching their new EP, Cargo Cults. So now is the time to get into them if you're aren't already a devoted fan.

They look like this:

And sound like

Well ALMOST...actually listen to this amazing track of theirs (and fully enjoy the nudity)

For the launch of Cargo Cults they have released some conceptual t-shirts which you can contact their manager, Aaron Peters about. Everyone should get one if not only to show support then to become good at life like Aaron Peters (below) is. 

They will be talking about themselves, their music, their EP and many other relevant things on UCT radio TONIGHT at 7pm.

Go listen HERE to what they have to say and let yourself be serenaded by their new, sweet melodies.

Also go like their page HERE and just generally get into stalking them on Facebook. 

Bateleur is a lifestyle x

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