Tuesday, 26 June 2012

What's happening tonight- Wayde's birthday at Untamed youth

Tonight is this guy's birthday:

His name is Wayde (stalk him here) and we are celebrating the fact that he is one year older and further from this awkward phase:

Come celebrate the miracle of  his birth at FICTION so as to avoid this face:

If you don't care about the fact that it is his birthday you should care about the fact that he is DJ-ing (and has good musical taste-check out his MUDBLUD page) alongside some of my absolute favourite DJs 

Impressed by the line-up huh? For those of you who don't know what sexual tension is:
Which is a pretty good description of how everyone feels about these guys:

Click here for more

And these guys:

If you aren't convinced, apparently Draco is also going to make an appearance:

And there is going to be loads of Tequila flowing:

Allowing you to get as crazy as this honey:

So COME ON OVER BABY. R30 gets you in. 

Check out the details here

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