Sunday, 1 September 2013

Dark Arrow- Cave Swoon ft Push Push & Comfy Hammocks

By now you should all know this guy (Marc)

And if not for the fact that he once tried to pour Jagermeister down your throat, then maybe cause he raps under 30 different names/groups but has recently launched what promises to be some of the most interesting music coming out of Cape Town:
oh!dark arrow
seriously just go listen to his shit here

Last week he finally collaborated with BMK's First Lady Nicci St Bruce (just stare at this picture for awhile till your eyes water)

Nicci has been writing raps since she was 9 (early bloomer in rapping, late bloomer in other things) and then procrastinated 100000 years but is now finally ready to be heard as Push Push.
And trust me when it comes to her, you want to keep track of what she releases cause judging by the private performances I've gotten this promises to be GOOD. And not white girl who;s into hip-hop good, I mean actually good.

And because no party is a party without Cape Town's favourite Jew we have Jake Lipman featuring as Comfy Hammocks

Listen to Cave Swoon here and be converted.

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