Friday, 6 September 2013


Being Fani's best friend, possible soul mate (depending if we are single at 30) and kinda sister for the last ten years has been the best thing that ever happened to me. 
Ya being Fani's best friend you have to deal with the fact that no matter what retarded shit she does to her hair, face, body she will ALWAYS look fucking georgous and she will ALWAYS have better hair than you. But dealing with having to stand next to her flawless cheekbones in photos is worth it because Fani is amazing in every single way. Funny, rude, smart, innapropriate, innovative, creative, slutty, wild, sometimes oh so calm, best rolling skills, SO TALENTED and everything in between.

Here is Fani through the ages in all her fucking beauty (I mean C'MON)

Trying to force herself into my Matric Dance cause love

Fani at 18. Go kill yourself now

Cutest bum cheeks in Cape Town

Best cheekbones in the WORLD

All the phases, all/none of their hair (left)

Became seriously obsessed and sexually confused with her in this phase

Sexually harassing me since the early 2000's

And campaigning for Redbull since 2013

I mean look at those teeth. Even they're flawless

All the best decisions when it comes to bad tattoos

Last year's birthday. this year sticking to beers and bongs and toning down the sexuality

Birthing hotness in the bath

She knows how to pose


Casually outshining Elvis

Twobop circa 2012, never looked so good.

Look I'm hilarious

She also loves to cry in the club

If she's not trying to break into the EDM music scene

I will love you forever