Sunday, 22 April 2012

Facebook Lan party

Last night  Fabi really wanted us to go to The power & the glory so we all forced ourselves and ended up 
loving the hip crowd and the fun vibe.  Due to the unbearable noise in the place we were forced to talk 
mostly over Facebook-which is totes fine cause we always carry around our trendy Ipads. Thhe night ended up at Fabi's, with more fun activities than bearable. Her dad (Heinrich) made a surprise appearance in our group reading session of Plot Loss (HIS VERY OWN NOVEL) and  Paul had the great idea of bringing hot dogs so we could play jenga. Fabi will deny this but she ate 3 burgers and drank 5 glasses of water (she NEVER drinks water) and Fani tried to get with her dad. ALL IN ALL IT WAS THE BEST NIGHT EVER! 

(Sorry about the fact that the conversation is all broken up-I'm still learning screen shots)


The end of the night (WE WERE SO DRUNK)

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