Sunday, 29 April 2012


Allow us to introduce you to all of our new internet-sisters from around the world. Collectively they are The Fabulous Stains. Each girl is a Tumblr Queen/FashionGuru/Crazy Hot Bitch of her own. They are seriously on another level, and we are super excited about joining forces!

Jessi-Jae Joplin is the leader of the gang. She's from Hollywood and she fronts the band The Ruckus. She is amazing and totally unstoppable. Check her out Here.

Bebe Zeva is a queen of the hipsters from Las Vegas, and one of the most influential young babes out there right now. Check her out Here.

Norelle Rheingold is a total stunner with one of the best fashion blogs on the net, hailing from Germany. She has the craziest collection of clothing/accessories and nostalgic pieces- check it out Here.

Violetta E. is a smoldering bombshell from "Hell, San Marino". She is totally tumblr famous and her blog is daily inspiration on how to look amazing. Check it out Here.

Chelsea Rea is a Canadian  princess with the cutest wardrobe and the craziest hair. She's a model and blogger and has an awesome tumblr, check it out Here.

Lucia Ribisi is the coolest girl ever, being a musician and artist from L.A. Her dad is Giovanni Ribisi and she has featured on songs with Beck (who happens to be her uncle). Check out her sick blog Here.

Misha McKagan is a fashionable student and blogger living in Prague (obvs). She has exceptional taste in all things that are cool, and she is definitely a style inspiration to many. Check out her crazy Czech blog Here.

Laura Cherrygrove is the newest addition to the team. She's a tattoo artist from Berlin, who also plays in an all-girl band called The Bleached Mermaids. She has a crazy, club-kids style and a "Live Fast Die Young" attitude. Check her out Here.

Expect to see a lot more of these girls on our blog in he future, and be sure to check out their blog.
Follow them on twitter here-!/FabStains
And shop their fabulous online store here-

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