Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fani and Isa love CYSHY (maybe too much)

So on Friday the bitches went to the CYHSY concert and apparently got our drunk on. Apart from being involved in moshpits (which is absolutely ridiculous at the indiest of concerts) it seems the contemporary feel of the night got to us.

WARD'S MASTERPIECE really summarises the vibe.

At 0:52 Fani and Isa TOTALLY shine. It's hard not to be proud of drunk bitches expressing their love for a band through the art of dance. It goes to show who the real fans are.

There's also a great aeroplaning effort in there. ENJOY!

Here are also some pics of Farky (yes THE WILLIAMS coined it cause they're so fucking relevant)

That's Fani and her hot boyfriend from Joburg who lives here now. We're all trying to get with him but have had no success so far. He's a computer savant who enjoys naked walks in nature i.e THE PERFECT MAN.

Also here are some more pics of Fani and Isa on the floor (in case the fast forward version was just too hectic for you)

Please note how intelligent Isa is to wear shorts under her dress, otherwise this could have have turned into a VERY embarrassing moment (which it obviously is not thanks to the shorts)


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