Saturday, 14 April 2012

What's happening tonight

For all those of you who have not yet had the chance of attending an After Hours Party at the Assembly-tonight's the night. This party is the coolest Cape town has to offer at the moment!! Not only cause of its amazing music (thanks to DJs Sexual Tension and Battle Beyond the stars aka Phil Kramer), ridiculous decor including feathers which usually end up in places where no-one wants feathers but also due to the crowd which always seems to act a little wilder than at your average party (the free chocolate vodka shots probably have alot to do with this). If you want to see white boys doing back bends and girls acting lesbian-this is your party! If not, it's worth it just to hear Kiss from a Rose, 90's rave and Eminem or simply to watch Phil Kramer gyrating HARD behind the DJ booth.

Still not convinced? Look at these photos and HOW MUCH FUN THOSE PEOPLE ARE HAVING!!

They're not having fun cause they're serious about DJing.

Hope to see all you bitches there xoxo

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