Monday, 16 April 2012


The three coolest bitches in town, apart from us (of course), have started their own blog. It is raw, funny, depressing and life-changing. These girls have taken conceptual art and made it their bitch. They complain about being broke but famous, fat but starving, and relevant but stalked. You need to know them. They are:

Fabi, a CWB favourite, also the most relevant bitch in Cape Town.

Jana, a twitter-crazed, seriously-arty, Fun 'n Flirty babe.

Ane, the hottest, most bodacious, most having-a-chance-at-real-life of the three.

To enter a world of wonder and body issues, click HERE!!!

Here are some more recent pictures of the girls. Enjoy :D

The Crazy White Bitches are seriously swooning over these three right now, share in our love!

P. S. They cannot access their blog right now so hold on for blog updates #No-one'sPerfect.

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