Saturday, 21 April 2012

Nostalgic Summer Hits/ Fani Gets Vulnerable

Yesterday was a bad day for Fani. She had a whole blogpost of problems and ended up in bed all day and night. Us bitches like to show how real we are as people and especially as girls (i.e. emotional/crazy/weird) so here is a photo of Fani in the midst of an hysterical cry (Inspired by Jana's vulnerable photobooth of her crying. RIP Baby).

Today is a new day and a Saturday and Stellenbosch is the destination tonight. So, here are some videos of songs you all used to love. You're gonna be like "OMP, I remember this! I used to love this!" etc. So, thank Fani when you see her, and remember to give her a big hug as she might still be feeling like a girl. 

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