Sunday, 22 April 2012

Paul Ward/Joannou-the man with no shadow.

Last night the bitches took it easy (after a pretty rough Friday night) and spent some time with the internet and each other. Somehow the night turned into a FACEBOOK LAN PARTY which turned out to be better than going out EVER. More importantly, something very meaningful came out of this night; the re-discovery of Paul Ward, or for those who may be better acquainted with this enigmatic man, Paul Joannou.

Known for his photography of people/events/fashion (look here if you don't know what I'm talking about), and his very OBVIOUS branding (I AM WARD wear coming to a shop near you soon), Paul is also one of the nicest guys in this town which most people don't really know about him. This made us realise that no-one really knows ANYTHING about Paul. Who is the real Paul? What is this Joannou personality and when did he get so talented? So I did some research while the lan party was going on and compiled sufficient info (thank you Myspace for being alive 4evs) to give you THE REAL PAUL WARD.

Paul as a handsome young guy (already with STYLE) at a lovely all boy's school

His photography had humble beginnings, from Rugby pics to hot chicks

(I am REALLY hoping this is his chest (and crotch) but could not find out for certain)

Some days were tougher than others

He then grew up a little and did this self portrait project which BLEW MY MIND!!

PAULIE XXX (the start of Paul Ward)

For those of you who can't see it, I really enjoyed Cheralee's comment here: "wow amazing macro vibes paul. really impressed" . By the way looking at her Myspace made it official, she's ALWAYS been a BABE!

Paul then left school, got SUPER talented, changed his name, started shooting drunk bitches in their element and DIARYOFWARD was born.

From Fiction to fashion, he photographed everything, even our very own Fani

But then once in awhile he lets himself be photographed too and allows people to see the real Ward/Joannou/Paul (WHO THE FUCK IS HE??)

Only THUNDA can capture his cray side.

The branding begins (also, dramatic much?)

The artist

The fun guy

Ladies man

Gansgter motherfucker


When Ward parties sober girls around him they be acting like they drunk

The intellectual Ward, down to earth and so kind.

It is hard to tell when he is being Paul Ward or when it is Paul Joannou you're hanging with. Luckily  Facebook  always allows some clarification.

Joannou the family guy

Ward, hardcore motherfucker

Either way, whether Ward or Joannou, Paul is totally one of our favourite people!! Not only is he talented as fuck, and WAY more famous than any of us bitches, he's also a really cool, down to earth and funny guy. 
Rarely drunk but always insanely entertaining when he is, Ward is like the brother you always wanted but who happens to be rich and famous.

We love you Paul Ward/Joannou

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  1. Wow! I had no idea . . . And now you know!