Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Since it is my birthday very soon, I thought I'd compile a little wish list so all y'all getting me gifts have an idea of what I enjoy in life. ANY of these items would make me insanely happy.

Obviously not exactly these but you get the idea

Maybe not the "penis" one- it is a little too much. but i NEED A BACKPACK THAT'S BIG ENOUGH FOR VARSITY. 


If Heath Ledger could come back to life (and have written me a song) that would be nice.

One more season of Sex and the City- NOT A MOVIE. With them as old bitches still living it up, it will help my looming midlife crisis.

Cash money of any amount always welcome. Alcohol too.

If someone wants to buy me (heart-shaped) pizza inside a limo-that is even better.

Young Macaulay Culkin to hang out with, also REALLY like his shoes here so ya...


Totally laughing at my joke-cause I'm hilarious like that

Take me away on a beach resort- I will get romantic with whoever offers this

This is also quite fun.

SHOES SHOES SHOES SHOES. high, low, brown, white, pink, blue WHATEVER. I'm a size 4!


Romance the fuck out of me when this comes out. Also can it be SOONER??

In real life, over the internet, on paper, in music, in my pants wherever, whenever, HOWEVER!

As for the future:

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