Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Crazy White Bitches are getting their market on, and what better market to start at then Mr Jean Rene Onyangunga's latest offering to the city of Cape Town. J.R. is a notorious crazy person who is a savage feature of Cape Town's night life, but during the day he is the sweetest guy who sells very cool, locally-sourced second-hand clothing at his shop DR Pachanga.

He has ingeniously come up with the idea of hosting an INDOOR Winter market, every Sunday at 210 on Long Street. Sellers will include the coolest, vintage and fashion lovers in the city, and will feature a lot of your favourites from the You, Me and Everyone We Know night market.

Crazy White Bitches will also be there, with a small selection of our finest pieces- for both the Men and the Ladies. We will be selling some of our infamous Mad Bad T-shirts. So come join us this Sunday the 6th, from 10am-3:30pm, for some mad bargains, mad fashion, and (knowing J.R.) mad behaviour. 

For more details join the group here!

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